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Our Team

Our Story

The Crazy Pineapple Club was created by 4 students that wanted to create not only a Non-Fungible Token product but to have an impact in the real AND digital world by building a community that emphasizes on wanting a better future in both worlds with their digital artwork of fruits and vegetables. The Crazy Pineapple Club was inspired by a Netflix show called Rotten. A show that focuses on different unsustainable issues covering the food supply chain such as corruption, intensive agriculture, labor exploitation and more. Sincerely touched by these issues ongoing today and interested in the current movement of digital arts. They decided to create The Crazy Pineapple Club so that they could not only create digital artworks but also impact the world of agriculture and agrifood into a sustainable one. By donating to accredible, social responsibility and sustainable agriculture/agrifood foundations, farms,people, plantation, corporate and more. All in the unique goal of helping the world transition into a sustainable and greener future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a strong community in the real AND digital world so that we can all have an impact in the transition to a sustainable future for all through our inventive NFT artwork.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the most compelling digital artwork of fruits and vegetables while moving the world towards a greener future for our future generations. Make the world understand that digital art collections and cryptocurrency can change and have a beneficial impact for populations in need. MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THE POWER. There is no downside to investing in this project. We are in this project for the long term